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About Us

The Company

AVIMRC is equipped with over 30 years of experience with diverse capabilities and solution for the Aviation Industry.

Our company have been expanding and collaborating rapidly these past months and have formed strong partnerships with aviation solution providers across the globe.


To be partner of choice empowering our clients with value driven solutions and services.


To maximize value for our customers, delivering high quality solutions and services; with the best intellect, innovation and integrity.


Aspire to be the best in what we do and yield business results that maximize our values.

Business Meeting

Companies AVIMRC Represent:


OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH hallmarks is in “Perfect Surfaces Worldwide”, and they have revolutionized solutions for deburring, grinding, smoothing and polishing in the past 24 years, that benefited thousands of customers globally.

Founded in 1996 Straubenhardt Southern Germany, OTEC have continuously been expanding and collaborating rapidly with greater precision and consistency in finishing. Area of application includes Aviation Component, Automatic, Medical and that of Toolmaking, where surface finishing are essential.

before after  cog wheel.png
Deburring gear and cog wheels, rounding and smoothing tooth faces
SF Series
before after  camshaft.png
Deburring, rounding and smoothing of a camshaft
before after  kneejoint.png
Mirror-finish polishing of a knee joint
DF Series
before after plastic materials.png
Polishing of workpieces made from ceramic and plastic materials
Material: ceramic
CF Series
before after stamped parts.png
Deburring and rounding of stamped parts
Our zero gap system makes perfect work of rapid 
CF Series
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